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Upper Elementary Reading/Language Arts

Newsela - online current events for students. See your teacher for a login.


Vocabulary and Spelling:

LetterRip - cool word game

Letter Blocks - another fun word game

Eight Letters in Search of a Word - how big a word can you make?

Hangaroo - Hangman: save the kangaroo!

Stay Afloat - hangman games in different categories

Vocabulary can be Fun - hangman, word quizzes, and more

Free Rice Vocabulary Game - learn words and help the hungry

Spellits - game to practice plural spellings, and more

Whomp - play against Bigfoot in this spelling game that is like Boggle

Bounce - smash the misspelled words

It's Greek to Me - practice root words and meanings

ABC Word Sorting Lists - a collection of word lists to drag/drop into correct order, from SoftSchools

Poetry and Writing Skills:

ABCya Word Clouds - create word clouds

Rewordify - cool tool to explore vocabulary. copy in text to simplify

Printing Press - create a brochure

DYI Poetry - arrange words to make a poem online

Poetry Engine - online tool to help create cinquains, haiku, and more

Instant Poetry Forms - large variety of styles, fill in blanks and click to create poems

Magnetic Poetry - move words to make poetry

Letter Generator -write a letter online, step by step

Word Tamer - all kinds of creative activities to spark your writing imagination

The Story Starter Jr. - click the button to get a story idea

Story Starters - spin the wheel to get an idea for a story

My Storybook - write a story book online

Random Emoji Generator - inspiration for stories

Grammar and Parts of Speech:

Wacky Web Tales - practice parts of speech with these silly stories

Power Proofreading - excellent games to practice English skills

Funbrain Word Games - a variety of English and Reading Related games

Brainpop English Movies - see movies on grammar skills

Grammar Practice Park - lots of English games to play

Grammar Ninja - identify parts of speech

Word Shark - find the parts of speech

Go for Grammar Gold - online quizzes to practice skills

Self Study Grammar Quizzes - test your skills

Grammar Blast - from Houghton Mifflin, skills by grade

Edit Dan's Copy - proofreading game, from Scholastic

Punctuation Campground - review punctuation marks

Word Sort - sort nouns, adjectives, verbs

Fun Quiz - identify parts of speech

Grammaropolis - learn about parts of speech

Road to Grammar - quizzes and other activities on grammar topics

British Council Grammar Games - practice a variety of skills

Adjective Detective - find the adjectives

Synonyms and Antonyms - cross the river game

Break it Up - practice dividing syllables

Extreme Sentence Surgeons - super proofreading game

Gammaropolis - videos, songs, characters to teach parts of speech

Comprehension Skills:

Hamburger Game - main idea, find the "meat" of the paragraph

Detective's Notebook - inferences

Sequencing Fun - many sequencing exercises, scroll down to see list

Destination Reading Folktale - series of activities based on story

Into the Book - ask your teacher for directions to login

Interactives - practice story elements using Cinderella

Cause/Effect - matching game

Sequencing - put the train in order

Language Tools:

Visuwords - online graphical dictionary, very cool!

Idiomsite - learn more about idioms

Rhymezone - online rhyming dictionary, famous quotes, English quizzes, and more!

Anagram Maker - cool tool!

Teacher Resources:

Readworks.org- literacy skill resource page, lessons aligned to common core

Tennessee Curriculum Center - English/Language Arts lessons aligned to Common Core

We Give Books - online picture books, great resource to show books using your projector

Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Page - find out about authors online

Authors and Illustrators on the Web - good resource page

Page by Page Books - classic books online

RHL School - a variety of reading and English practice worksheets to print out

Bookhive - a guide to children's literature

Story Place - online elementary library

1000 Good Books from Classical Christian Education