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MAP Test Tutorials

These tutorials were created by the 6th graders using the iPad apps Knowmia Teach or Explain Everything.  Listen to each tutorial to learn more about a vocabulary word that might be on the MAP test.  (More information for teachers about Knowmia at the Knowmia website.)

Update: Knowmia has discontinued their website, so many of these videos no long work. Sorry! I will try to go through and leave only the active ones that are posted on Vimeo when I have a chance!


Here are links to some tutorial videos for EXPLAIN EVERYTHING:


SOCRATIVE LINK - Use this when Miss Bosch tells you to take a quiz over the vocabulary words.  Use 25936 as your room number.  This will not work until Miss Bosch starts the test.


Study Jams - Watch these videos and answer the questions when done with the quiz