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Christian Clip Art


  • 6th Pics4Learning - picture site for students, use the search or the topics, good for oceans
  • 6th Morguefile - free images for use, use the search
  • 6th Freefoto - excellent source of pictures of places and nature. Click the red dot to close the “Download Window,” if it pops up.” Then go to the Nature section or use the search. Use “click here” for a simple link to a full size image.
  • 6th Bigfoto - free pictures of various themes, especially landscapes and sky, click to download the largest image
  • 6th Public Domain Pictures - collection of landscape photos, search using box on top right. (Do not click the lower section below for paid professional stock photos)
  • 6th Pixabay -
  • 6th Design Wizard - copyright friendly images to search
  • 6th Cepolina- beautiful photos of nature and geography (mostly Europe), click on the categories such as water or sky or use the keyword search
  • 6th Freepixels - use the search box at the top, not the bottom. Do NOT use Shutterstock images!
  • 6th Imageafter - lots of nature photos and textures, use the search box at the top, not bottom. Do NOT use Shutterstock images!
  • 6th Hubblesite.org - amazing images of the solar system from the Hubble telescope
  • Lunaroutpost -photos of earth and the moon LOADS SLOWLY
  • Photos for Class - safe creative commons search, adds copyright info to bottom of photo!!
  • Pexels - copyright zero images, no attribution needed. Do no click on Shutterstock images at the bottom!
  • Nobacks - png photos with transparent backgrounds. Be sure to follow their attribution directions.
  • CultureGrams - images of countries for educational use, student friendly
  • Pictures of Places - great collection of photos from around the world
  • Cities and Landscapes - pictures of USA (especially Washington DC) and Asia
  • Imagebank - great site to use to search for Creative Commons images for educational use!
  • Photl - good for pictures of food, objects, backgrounds
  • New York Public Library Digital Image Collection - historical pictures
  • American Memory Collection - Library of Congress historical image search
  • Smithsonian Institute Images - search the Smithsonian collections
  • NOAA - National Ocean and Atmospheric Photo Search
  • Pond5 - free historical images, video, sounds, no citation required